Montreal Comedy Festival: Scenes from the city

The people of Montreal love their festivals -- that much is clear from the omnipresent Just For Laughs paraphernalia that festoons the city. I've been pretty busy flitting from show to show, but, in between giggles and overpriced wine in plastic cups, I have had a chance to snap a few photos of a fraction of the fun stuff...

Charle Chaplin welcoming revelers to the top of the Videotron festival on Rue Saint Denis:

Carnival on Rue Saint Denis:

Let's get a closer look at that creepy carnival clown:

Screw you, phone booth. (Get it? Hilarious.):

Damn it, Shepard Fairey. There's no escaping you:

Art is everywhere here:

Even hanging from cafes:

Behold, the most amazing vintage store ever:

What's that in the window? Oh. It's blood and tits:

Inside? More blood and tits. And clothes!

A pickled Chuck Taylor:

Poutine. Glorious, glorious poutine:

If you haven't tried poutine, it's fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds. This one has chicken, too:

Plus, salad. To stave off the heart attack:

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