Ms. Bigot USA


Ms. California, Carrie Prejean, became infamous Sunday night during the Ms. America pageant after she spread her bigotted opinions about gay marriage out to the world. (Watch clip above).

Ignorant (opposite marriage? WTF), and misguided, Ms. California represents, to me anyway, what is fundamentally wrong with society. She bats her caked on, probably fake, eye lashes; slaps on a bikini, and probably starves herself to the point of 2 percent body fat; and touts religion as a reason for remaining prejudice. And people cheer her on! Not only did she do enough damage on Sunday, but then she gets on the Today Show this morning and does it again!! (And I might add Matt Lauer was incredibly TOO accomodating to her and rather hostile to Perez Hilton, whom he questioned just before talking to Ms. California -- which makes me want to never watch the Today Show again.)

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You can believe what you want to believe I guess. I think it's a civil right that belongs to everyone, not just the "opposite" married people like myself. But what really erks me is she's on stage in front of thousands of little girls and boys touting prejudice and using God as a reason why. Biblically correct? Does she even know that it is Biblically correct to also burn down an entire village and kill all the animals in the village if just one person doesn't believe in God, it's in the book of Deuteronomy. So is murder of innocent animals also "biblically correct" even if not "politically correct?"

And people like Matt Lauer are stepping up to help this woman out and act like she didn't win the crown because she stood up for what she believed in and that's a good example for everyone to live by. It's good for America to hear discrimination blasted over TV at them from someone who is supposed to be an icon of what represents true beauty in this country? Really? And then calling her prejudicial views morals and beliefs as if prejudice of any kind could ever really be such a thing as a belief rather than an ignorance.

To me she makes as much sense as someone saying "I believe it's wrong to be white and so you can't marry somebody, cause you're white." To me that's the same thing as saying to someone, "I beleive it's wrong to be gay and so you don't get the same rights."

Just embarassing. I'm glad I'm not from California right now.

So enough about how I think. I'm really curious as to what other people think about Ms. America's statements today and yesterday. We all know what Perez Hilton thinks (see below)

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