"Yes we can!" And yes we did.

The noise outside my window was too much to ignore. Yelps. Honks. Sustained, full-throated cheers. More honks. Chants. "Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can!"

So I slipped my keys in my pocket and stole out for a midnight stroll from Inman Sqare to Central Square.

Tipsy groups marched exultantly down the sidewalk as car after car after car passed by them, bleating in joyous release. Subarus and VWs, sure. (This is Cambridge, after all.) But cabs too. Tons of cabs. And even ostensibly nonpartisan MBTA buses. Trucks and SUVs glided by, dudes leaning out of rear windows with campaign signs and flags. A healthy plurality of drivers on Mass. Ave. and Prospect Street were punching their steering columns, just as ecstatic as the few hundred people gathered on the sidewalk. Beep!! Bip-bip! Hooooonk!!!

I suppose the long-haul trucker who ignored the little air-tug hand gesture to let that 18-wheeler clarion blurt was a disappointed McCain voter. Sorry. But the people and dogs on the street corner, smiles stretched broad across their faces, slapping hand with strangers and whooping with unabashed glee, were beyond thrilled.

All of this for a presidential election. I've never seen anything like it in my life.

It was happy. It was cathartic. It was fucking great.

Earlier tonight, someone posted a question on Red Sox fan site Sons of Sam Horn: "Poll for Obama Supporters: What Made You Happier? A) Obama Elected President. B) Sox Win the 2004 World Series."

Apples and oranges.

But I've gotta say, the celebrations felt a lot the same.


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