What is there left to say about the Patriots?

We feel obliged to say something about the Patriots as they stand on the brink of completing an undefeated regular season, but really - what hasn't already been said? They're good, obviously, and with the exception of some folks who still want to make CameraGate into a big deal, nobody thinks otherwise. We'd like to run with the "16-0 isn't as meaningful as 19-0" angle, that they'll be relegated to the same space in the history books as the 2001 Seattle Mariners if they don't win a title, that the legions of Patriots haters out there are really hoping for just such an opportunity to rub it in our faces if they go down in the Super Bowl or sooner - but that's not even how we feel. An undefeated regular season itself would be a significant accomplishment, and would be worth celebrating even without a Super Bowl trip attached to it. And we can't even work the "anything can happen/the other AFC playoff teams are also very good and could easily defeat the Pats" variant of that angle because the players and coaching staff are going to run that particular theme into the ground during their bye week.

I guess all that's left to do is watch.

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