Sonic and Mario: together at last

We don't know about you all, but as we remember it, back in the early 90s kids fell into two distinct camps - Segas and Nintendos. The Segas were always saying stuff like "Oh come on, Sonic could totally kick Mario's butt!" and then the Nintendos would be all "Could not! All Sonic does is run, Mario can, like, shoot fire and fly and stuff!" And so forth. Then after like a year parents just started indiscriminately buying both systems, so it didn't matter.

With some distance, it seems the Nintendos "won" the war - the Wii is selling millions of units while Sega has dropped the console thing and now just makes games. But the debate of who could defeat whom in a fight was never really resolved.


Okay, so it's a sporting competition and not actual combat, but it's a start. But Nintendo, what's wrong with wedging Sonic into Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

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