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Gadgets worth getting


1) Apple iPhone 3G ($199 - $699) -- With 15,000 applications and counting, Apple's latest iPhone is gaining an amazing amount of popularity. The battery life still leaves much to be desired as well as the super breakable (and still not covered under the warranty) LCD screen, but the ability to check email, phone, the weather in multiple cities, use a GPS, and find a restaurant nearby are enough to keep you addicted for hours. The iPhone is more than a phone, or any PDA, but may not be the only one on the market for long and at the price-point it's not a painless buy.


2) Canon PowerShot SD880 IS ($247 - $300) -- an awesome point and click camera with 10 megapixel-quality photos. The usual video option prevails with this latest PowerShot camera, but this one uses an H.264 codec instead of motion JPEG like most digi-cams. Basically it's a better video player/recorder, plus this camera has a wide-angle shot option and underwater pic mode if you get the waterproof case. There is little bad to be said for this camera except that some users might find it confusing and the dial to change modes could be a little too easy to move, making shifting out of a mode you are in too easy.


3) Apple iPod touch 32 GB ($229 - $409)-- The iPod mini I have is collecting dust in light of my latest Nano. For those in need of even more room and desiring more ability with their MP3 player, the iPod Touch offers the mostest of any MP3 out there. For real, it's nearly like the iPhone without the phone ability. It has applications like Facebook, games, sports and Twitterific, movies and of course music, just like the iPhone and all with 32 gigs of memory. The only bad thing to say about the touch is it could be too expensive for someone who wants just a simple MP3 player and, like all iPods, it only uses iTunes software.


4) Lenovo ThinkPad SL300 ($649) -- Carting around a cumbersome laptop just for simple Internet connectivity and some light computing seems hardly worth it these days with such devices like iPhones in the mix. But this affordable, 13-inch business notebook offers super lightweight portability with about four hours of longevity. The four-pounder is fast, mostly durable, and again more affordable than most lightweight portable PCs, however, the 2 GB memory might be too little for some.


5) Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111FD ($2,749.00 - $4,499.98) -- Arguably the most advanced HDTV on the market this flat panel 50-inch TV, CNET says, represents the pinnacle of flat-panel picture quality. The side speakers can be detached, but the ultimate control comes with the picture adjustments. According to CNET, out of seven picture modes, five can be tweaked and applied to every input along with a full color management system. The cost of the TV is out of many people's price range for the size of the TV, but well worth the money if you have the cash to blow.


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