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Amanda Palmer survives UK abortion scare

Getting your song "banned" is easy work if you can get it, and despite the fact that no one can really ban anything anymore, people keep claiming their shit is being kept from other people by still other people in positions of authority. So for instance if you were to put your video on YouTube, it would be great fun if you could find a reason to send out a press release saying it was banned (although of course not from YouTube). . . and then maybe blog about it . . . and then Twitter the blog post  . . . and then do some live Ustreaming . . . and send out a press release about how that had been banned too and how you're now trying to "locate a respectable tit-friendly streaming service." (Speaking of which: try this one?)

Now that we're all on the same page, winking at each other, let's relate an amusing anecdote from Amanda Palmer which illustrates the further trope that British people have no sense of humor. 

OMG, dudez, Amanda Palmer's "Oasis" video has been -- wait for it -- BANNED! Let's go to the press release:

"The latest video for her scrumptious pop song 'Oasis' has been banned from the U.K. airwaves on the basis that it 'makes light of rape, religion and abortion.' Amanda blogged her response to the situation, defending her tongue-in-cheek and self-admittedly autobiographical song about a teenage girl in denial by saying, 'When you cannot joke about the darkness of life, that's when the darkness takes over.' Between Amanda's blog sites and a recent re-posting in the Huffington Post, the post has elicited in excess of 1000 thoughtful comments."

Wait, they forgot to mention the Twittering! And the U-streaming! (Speaking of which, how much did she pay for that URL? Hotness...)

In any case, if you have yet to be contacted by Amanda via Facebook, twitter, RSS, streamable video, or in person, here's the video . . . but remember, as you're watching this: IT'S BANNED!

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