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Great White hype: What would you ask a shark expert?

Hey, folks -- I'm going to be interviewing the Discovery Channel's "Shark Guy" (and local marine biologist) Dr. Greg Skomal on Monday, and I want your input.

Skomal just put out a new book, The Shark Handbook, which is awesome. (And if you're caught reading it in a restaurant, will probably cause your server to start squealing giddily about the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week.") So I'm going to be asking him about the book.

But I also want to give you guys the opportunity to ask Skomal anything (well, anything shark-related). What are your most deep, burning, unresolved questions about sharks? Let us know in the comments, or drop me a line at, and I will ask the man on Monday afternoon. The article hits the street June 12, but I'll try to post his responses here, too.

In exchange, I give you my 4 favorite shark videos du jour. (Please feel free to post your own personal shark-vid picks in the comments.)

1) Sharktopus! The ultimate battle between dogfish and cephalopod

2) A Tribute to Helicoprion, the ridiculous prehistoric shark with buzzsaw teeth

3) The "Living Fossil" shark (who did not live very long after the video was shot)

4) The Goblin Shark -- he's a-gobblin', all right; check out those crazy chompers

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