• December 11, 2011
    By Peter Keough

    Again, in the second round, Albert Brooks in "Drive." Runner-up is Max Von Sydow in "Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close."

  • October 13, 2011
    By Peter Keough

    I had been skeptical about disgruntled filmgoer Sarah Deming's lawsuit stating, among other things, that the film "Drive" might rouse anti-Semitic violence. I didn't think it was likely to incite violence of any kind. Until I saw this story about Tiger Woods fan Brandon Kelly, who assaulted his idol with a hot dog.

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  • October 10, 2011
    By Peter Keough

    I start to worry about my judgment when I see that the things I like about some films rouse people to litigation and rioting.

    For example, in Michigan a woman is taking the makers of "Drive" to court because she claims they misrepresented the film in the trailers, and instead of the mindless "Fast and Furious"- like car crashes and noisy action sequences that she was expecting, she instead saw a brilliant transformation of a genre film into a masterpiece of mood, narrative, and subtle characterization that explores the nature of violence, love, loyalty, and, well, driving.

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