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The Big Hurt: November Juggalo update

Persecuted, sued, and snitched on
By DAVID THORPE  |  November 18, 2011

Much clown love, my ninjas! While most Juggalo coverage nowadays centers on the annual Gathering, I feel it's important to make periodic off-season check-ups on the state of the clown nation. Not least of all because, as you've no doubt heard from every single person on earth by now, the FBI recently characterized the Juggalos as a gang — whether or not we agree with the assessment, it underscores the importance of keeping an eye on this vibrant subculture.

(Personally, I think it's absurd. Clowned-up teens have perpetrated the occasional food court beatdown or machete murder over the years, but the vast majority of Juggalo crimes are cultural ones. To classify every Juggalo, Juggalette, and whoop-whooping sufferer of Insane Clown's Palsy as a violent gangster is too broad a stroke; most of them are just peaceful, low-wattage outcasts looking for a place to belong.)

The big news this week: Psychopathic Records is being sued for ripping off spooky Halloween tunes! According to, horror-music purveyors Midnight Syndicate are suing ICP's label for more than $2 million for the unlicensed sampling of several of their terrifying recordings, including "The Haunted Nursery," "Halls of Insurrection," and "Raven's Hollow." But will the Juggalo Nation shrink before this threat? Never! AllHipHop commenter Whoozat Juggaloz lays it out: "Whoop Whoop! No FN way! Our Fathers jacked beats and made amazing creations to feed us kids? Hey we GANGSTA yo . . . JRB and our Fathers gotta do whatever it takes to keep the Family happy and not hungry. You all know what happens when millions of psychopathic wicked clowns don't get fed, right?"

In another devastating blow to the extended Juggalo family, TMZ recently broke the news that Psychopathic Records acts Twisted and Blaze were arrested in Tampa, Florida, for felony marijuana possession. For the full story, I turned to venerable Insane Clown journalism source, which raised disturbing allegations:

Eye wittnesses [sic] who have asked to remain anonymous say that former Blaze's formerhypeman J-10 and Tampa, FL resident was confronted by JCW's [Juggalo Championship Wrestling] Corperal [sic] Robinson about threats of violence twoards [sic] Psychopathic Records artists and staff as well as gossip and rants being posted via social networking websites when he ran to his car and sped off while being approached the wrestling star [sic].An hour later officers made the arrests.

J-10. . . . boasted of his accomplishment of "ruining the show" on his Facebook page before retracting his statements and deleting his status updates. His Twitter account was marked private moments later.

In an hourlong interview posted to YouTube, J-10 laid out his beef with Psychopathic Records, but vehemently denied being a snitch. "As for the snitching, hell no," J-10 said. "This is a modern-day witch hunt." He even went so far as to track down the official police report, which seems to indicate that cops were called in by a hotel employee who witnessed some Juggalo drug use. Will we ever know the real story? Will we ever care?

Also arrested in the affair was hardworking Psychopathic Records compatriot Picklez.

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