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Open Mike Eagle | Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes

Hellfyre Club (2011)
By DAN WEISS  |  August 30, 2011
4.0 4.0 Stars


"Smart" rappers are out of vogue — but many of them aren't nearly as un-fun as is claimed by the hordes who flock to Waka Flocka Flame mixtapes. Certainly not Southern Californian Mike Eagle, who opens his third full-length with the intent to sing along with Weezer in his car, despite knowing only the "key words." The blurping, Atari-cum-Antipop Consortium beats 'n' clutter, especially on the amazing "NH2 (Grins & Lies)," sound particularly playful and even poignant under patter like "My uncle got married to a crack pipe" and "I treat the whole world like it's Fred Durst." Eagle's sardonic ideas recall indie peers like Mac Lethal, Serengeti, and Yoni Wolf, none of whom nailed the middle-class recession more aptly than "I've got a high IQ and a low credit score." That's from the gut-busting peak "Rent Party Revolution," which also boasts "I get ideas but they explode like landmines/I blame the Masons because they control us with hand signs." Wise-ass rap isn't new, but it's never been so catchy, tuneful, and rife with buzzing beats to buttress truths like "A lot of rich cats are dumb as shit/They just work loopholes in the government."
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