An intimate guide to dining in — and eating out — this Valentine's Day

Erotic Potluck


Food and sex have long been intimate bedfellows. What's the endgame of a dinner date but the prospect of the coital desserts waiting at home? It seems only natural, then, to combine the two. In that spirit — and with a nod to the upcoming national day of love and lust — we trekked to the naughty Meccas of the city to sample the many edible sex toys the market has to offer.

From fruit-flavored gels that numb to cinnamon-spiced oils that tingle, liquid aphrodisiacs to candy thongs, we left no lube un-tasted, no flavored condom un-licked. It wasn't easy, and it wasn't always pleasant, but hey, neither is sex. We've got your guide to dining in and eating out this Valentine's Day. Bon Appétit!

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