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Doomstar! + Fedavees + Hands & Knees + Needy Visions

This event occurs in the past, Jan 27 2011
1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA   (view map)

Filed under: soul/gospel, folk, alternative rock, country, punk, rock, seen live, super, indiepop, usa, metalcore, indie

Hands and Knees put soul into the holidays with "James Brown Died on Christmas Day," and now the soulful indie-pop band gets Wholesome. Their third full-length after one-album stands with Banazan and Midriff Records, the self-released Wholesome is earmarked to be one of 2k11's finest releases, boasting a sound that recalls a more folkish, stripped down, chamber-pop-leaning Hooray for Earth. Fellow band-to-watch Doomstar! and scene psych veterans the Needy Visions stack the bill in sharp-crafted noise's favor.

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Shane Ochsner, Josh Silbernagel, Chris Schwartz and Jerik Hendrickson collectively are Hands, a Fargo band that combines circling atmospheric guitars punctuated with hard hitting progre... Read More

Massachusetts-based art-pop combo Hands and Knees combines inventive guitar noise and indiepop sensibilities with a dose of melancholy to create a stunningly stark and pretty...

The Needy Visions are the product of a corrupt upbringing spent wallowing around within the various nether regions of the Boston, MA area. Through some...

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