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Laura Stevenson & the Cans + Larcenist + Destry + Jeff Rowe

This event occurs in the past, Feb 9 2011
1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA   (view map)

Filed under: indie, pop, rock

Before Laura Stevenson mastered elegant simplicity, she had a healthy appreciation for inelegant simplicity, her first outfit being the marvelously bi-polar New York collective Bomb the Music Industry! One could argue that only cosmetic differences separate BTMI!'s punk from Laura and the Cans' unfussy, endearing, folky pop. Still, no one has ever listened to a punk song and said, "Wow! What a pretty song!" Laura and the Cans elicit that reaction all the time, because almost all their songs are incredibly pretty.

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Destry is an indie/pop/rock band centered around Michelle (Nolan) DaRosa. Formerly a vocalist for Straylight Run, on June 3, 2008, Michelle left the group on...

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