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"Conversation Piece," paintings by Tim Clorius

4 events, June 8 Through 11   More dates
89 Exchange St, Portland, ME   (view map)

Summer art walks are like carnival bumper-car rides. It’s helpful to point you in a few directions, but someone will surely flank you before you can make it there. Try, if you can, to see Tim Clorius’s “Conversation Piece” at AUCOCISCO GALLERY (89 Exchange St.), which visits surrealistic and libidinous thematic imagery through the lenses of German romanticism and contemporary street art. The JUNE FITZPATRICK GALLERY West (112 High St.) displays “Drawing the Line,” busy serial codes by Noriko Sakanishi and minimalist charcoal geometries by Ken Greenleaf (who doubles as a Portland Phoenix arts writer). And SYLVIA KANIA GALLERY unveils the sort of thoughtful, interrelational exhibit that is fast becoming their benchmark. From the exhibit’s descriptions, “Textual Healing: Exploring Text as a Visual and Emotional Signifier” might hit those pleasantly uncomfortable notes we all want from art now and again. See for yourself at 566 Congress St.

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Wed, Jun 8 2011
"Conversation Piece," paintings by Tim Clorius
Wed, Jun 15 2011
"Shift," works by Vivien Russe + Mary Hart