District 2 Results -- Alert the Globe?

With 30 percent of the precincts counted, Linehan holds a slight lead over Flynn, with everybody else way behind; of course, the meaning of that depends entirely upon which precincts have been counted and which haven't.

No mention of the results, or anything about it being election day, on Which is right in keeping with the Globe's almost totally ignoring the race all along.

Now 48% in, and Flynn edges Linehan -- but the others are still way way behind. Are all the South End precincts still out, or is Passoni a dead duck?

Update: 74% in, Linehan back in front, Passoni gaining fast but still far behind. Can the last seven precincts give her one of the two finalist slots?

Final update:  The answer is a strong yes -- with 100% reporting, the city's unofficial tally is Passoni with 1869 votes (24.1%), Linehan 1832 (23.7%), and Flynn as the odd man out with 1740 (22.4%). O'Shea a distant fourth with just over 10% of the vote. If the results hold up and become official, it's a Linehan-Passoni showdown for the seat.

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