Top cat: "Puss" swag is #1


I won't be seeing "Puss in Boots 3D" until Saturday so I can't weigh in on how good it is. But I think it's pretty clear already that when it comes to the best studio promotional swag item, it's the film to beat. Recently members of the press received a giant box containing two tiny, feline sized boots, exquisitely crafted out of Italian leather. They are far superior to any human footwear of my own. All that's needed now for the perfect cat Halloween costume are the cape, feathered cap, and tiny sword. I'm still waiting for the Paramount people to send these.

They could also advise me on how to get  the cat to put the damn boots on. You won't find a more docile pet than Yodel (he looks forward to having his teeth brushed), but even a paralyzing dose of catnip wasn't enough to get him to cooperate.

On the other hand, getting cats to wear the 3D glasses doesn't seem to be a problem, as can be seen in this photo from the film's premiere, in which voice star Antonio Banderas hosted a group of special friends.


Will Yodel be obliging as well? We'll see this weekend.

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