Another "Antichrist" update: Boston opening date announced, Obama still outpacing Von Trier

Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist" now has a local opening date - October 23 at the Kendall Square Theatre. Which reminds that it's been a while since I did an Antichrist/Google check, in which I insert the name of someone who is rumored to be the Antichrist onto Google and see how many hits come up.

You might recall back in August 2008, before the election, I Googled "Barack Obama" and "Antichrist" and came up with 510,000 hits. Nonetheless, he was elected, and doing the same over a year later I come up with 664,000. Over a 25% increase, and even more disturbing, 664 is just two digits away from the number of the Beast! However, among the top five items is one with the reassuring headline:

"Barack Obama the Antichrist?"

No. However he is the current puppet reading from the teleprompter of the New World Order (Global Government)."

Close one! A teleprompter-reading puppet we can deal with. On the other hand, Conservatives in New Jersey are apparently sticking to their guns: according to a poll, 18% are sure he's the Antichrist. Another 17% say they're not going to rule it out. And when it comes to the Antichrist, people in New Jersey know what they're talking about.

As for John McCain, as might be expected his Antichrist/Google count has declined considerably from 525,000 last year (beating out Obama, mind you) to a mere 173,000 today. Hillary Clinton?  Down to 106,000 from 342,000, one of those including an item from 2006 in which Glenn Beck accuses her of being the Antichrist. Which brings us to Glenn Beck: his count is 61,300, though -- with a few exceptions  --these are of  him accusing someone else of being the Antichrist.

Von Trier, unsurprisingly given the movie, topped off at 518,000. More disturbing is my own score. A year ago it was 59. Now it's up to 977.

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