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History written in lightning









Though his favorable ratings are down for the count, President Bush and those who still support him have faith that history will ultimately vindicate his administration. Since these days History is written by Hollywood movies, that process may have already begun.

Hence the brouhaha over “The Dark Knight,” which not only may be the most commercially successful film of all time but is the one taken most seriously by political pundits. Though some (here and here in particular) see the film as a denunciation of US foreign policy and the current administration, others see it as a vindication. The argument being that like Batman making himself a scapegoat in order to extirpate the “terrorism” of the Joker, Bush has taken on the blame for the woes of the Iraq War when all those whiners don’t realize that it’s the key to kicking Al Qaeda’s butt. Or something like that.

On the other hand, folks may want to wait for the release of Oliver Stone’s already controversial “W,” in which, judging from this trailer, the President’s sodden salad days and dubious rise to power make him the life of his party.

So which will it be? Bush as scorned prophet and redeemer of the free world or profligate scalawag who’s led us to ruination? Since nobody will be reading history or anything else in the future, this will be the judgment that matters.

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Peter Keough tosses away all pretenses of objectivity, good taste and sanity and writes what he damn well pleases under the guise of a film blog.

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