Glenn Beck's Axis of Evil

Whenever I think I might be taking movies too seriously, there are always nutbags like Glenn Beck to remind me that, at least compared to some people, I have not as yet gone over the deep end. According to the CNN news personality, the upcoming film version of the Hasbro toy “G.I. Joe,” along with such previous fifth column screen assaults on Homeland Security as “Superman Returns” and “Happy Feet,” is just another sign that the U.N., Al Gore and the terrorists are winning.

Here’s how Glenn sees it:

“…our nation is under attack. It is being taken from us in the cover of darkness. There are American hostage crisises [sic] going on right now, worse than the American hostage crisis we experienced in 1979, and it is happening at our border. I'll have more on that, coming up in just a second.

But first, there's something else. We're being attacked someplace else in the cover of night, and if we lose this battle, we lose it all. Here's "The Point" tonight. G.I. Joe is the latest casualty in the war against the American way, and I know, I know, Glenn, it's just a toy, a little hunk of plastic, a cartoon. I know. And that makes it easy to dismiss this. But I believe that would be a huge mistake.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that G.I. Joe was a real guy and he is something more, as well. He's -- he is a symbol, and when you attack a symbol, you strike a blow against everything it represents. And here's how I got there…”

And from there, there’s no escape.

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