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Crossed "Signal"

I had intended to post a transcript of a fascinating (if I do say myself) interview I conducted with the three directors of “The Signal,” which is a thriller about a mysterious signal broadcast over every media that drives people into a murderous frenzy. Frankly, the same thing happens to me when I see a Head-On or Bob’s Furniture commercial. Anyway, as I was about to rewrite all my questions so I didn’t sound like a blithering idiot, I noticed that “The Signal” was -- gone! Pulled from all the theaters after a week. Even “The Hottie and the Nottie” held on longer.

It wasn’t a great movie but it was provocative and entertaining and a lot of critics liked it so I can’t believe it tanked THAT badly at the box office. Why did they cut “The Signal?” I can’t help wondering if a news story I had read a few days ago about some guy who stabbed a couple of people in a movie theater where … “THE SIGNAL” WAS PLAYING! Could the signal in “The Signal” have caused this act of violence? (It gave me a mild headache). Or was it because the culprit had been drunk all day and had already been tossed out of the theater a few hours earlier?

If the former, then the Democrats might have a problem. Because I also read this story // two brothers-in-law in Pennsylvania, one for Clinton and one for Obama, who got into a political discussion and well, one thing led to another and the Clinton guy stabbed the Obama guy. Now if it turns out that the Democratic primaries are also causing people to stab people, will they cancel them too? And what is the relationship between the Democrats and… “The Signal?”

So far, no reports about any rage related incidents connected with the McCain or Huckabee campaigns. Except maybe for Bill Cunningham, but I guess he’s always been a little funny in the head.

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