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Testosterone Fueled Awards Ceremony!

Some additions to the list:

“testosterone soaked” Thanks to Scott Hamrah for the heads up on this. Also "testosterone fueled."

“…on steroids”

“…on acid”

and “meets” --  a phrase which, in the interest of full disclosure (and maybe we should include “in the interests of full disclosure” on the list), I am personally guilty of using (“Chalk:” “’Election’ meets ‘The Office’”), as pointed out by the diligent people at’s “Critic Watch.”

Speaking of which, I doubt if my previous posting on blurbs and clichés had anything to do with it, but is it just a coincidence that the next day film critic Peter Hammond, winner of’s Peter Travers’ Quote Whore of the Year and this year’s Michael Medved Bag of Douche Award, was canned by “Maxim?”  I am, of course, delusional: no doubt they fired him because he wasn’t blurbed enough.

Meanwhile, the Broadcast Film Critics, of which Hammond is a prominent member, got mixed reviews for its “Critics Choice Awards” show the other night on VH1  because of the numerous no-shows among nominees and winners. But it did much better than the Golden Globes ceremony, which has been canceled completely except for a press conference because of the writers' strike.

So for those of you embittered by that vacancy in the awards calendar, maybe I can direct you to the first annual awards ceremony for the Boston Film Critics Society ( in the interests of full discl…never mind). It takes place January 20 at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square and we expect to have Frank Langella, winner of our Best Actor award for “Starting Out in the Evening,”  show up. And maybe others. So it has two advantages over the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s awards. 1) It will actually take place (I hope). And 2) The awards were determined by actual critics. Or is that a disadvantage?


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