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National Society of Film Critics 2006 Awards meeting

Some notes on the National Society of Film Critics awards meeting, which I attended on Saturday.

1,. Sure am glad that it took an hour and a quarter less than last year.

2. There are 54 members in our society (I think). Some 45 voted. Of those About 24 were proxy votes of members who did not actually attend the meeting. After the first ballot the proxy votes are elimated, leaving some 21 or so less members (some had to leave before the meeting was over) deciding the winners. Only two categories (I think)  were decided on the first ballot -- Best Actress, Helen Mirren, and Best Screenplay, also for “The Queen.” So the rest were decided by a minority of voters -- probably about the same percentage as the percentage of potential voters who elect our president. Or maybe a better analogy is that of the minority Bolsheviks who took over the Russian Revolution.

3. I was surprsed to find certain members of our group among those receiving recognition from’s  whores of the year awards (only two; they shall remain nameless). As for our winners, only one received a blurb from one of the honored whores, "An Inconvenient Truth,” winner of Best Non-fiction Film:

 “One of the most important films ever. If this does not move you to change, nothing will.” So said whore Larry King.

To which whore Eleanor Clift of added: “If you liked March of the Penguins, you’ll love An Inconvenient Truth.”

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