Ex-Television guitarist Richard Lloyd looking for metal henchmen: Some suggestions

So today Richard Lloyd, who along with Tom Verlaine formed perhaps the most formidable two-guitar attack of the 70's in the band Television, circulated an e-mail via his publicist looking to form a new band:

I am looking for some heavy metal band members to form a band and record a record at my studio -- one or two guitars, bass, drums and vocalist. Must be willing to wear makeup and act outlandishly. Concept and songs are already partially written. If you are in the New York area, and this applies -- send me a private message.
Richard Lloyd

Now, it may seem almost sad for someone as legendary as Lloyd resorts to a PR version of a Craigslist ad looking for new bandmates-- but perhaps he's just trying to move in different circles after his somewhat disastrous 2007 tour, in support of a new album that he described modestly as "a perfect record" at the time. So now he's trying to go metal, eh? Sounds like it could work, his git-slinging in both TV and Rocket from the Tombs has always proved that he has the chops-- but does he have what it takes to hold it together with a hired-gun metal mob? Only if he gets the right crew; here are some suggestions:

GUITAR: I can think of one metal guitarist who has allowed himself to act more outlandishly than any other metal guitarist period, and that would be Varg Vikernes a/k/a Burzum. This will work out perfectly, as long as this gig doesn't interfere with any tour in support of Burzum's new album Belus-- oh, and as long as Lloyd doesn't meet the fate of Burzum's last collaborator, Euronymous. Oh, and might want to steer the tour away from any churches.

OTHER GUITAR: Easy: Chris Holmes from WASP. I get the feeling that if Lloyd ever saw this scene from Decline 2, he'd be able to relate:

BASS: Oh, he should totally try to get the dude from Gauchos. Is there better metal bass playing than this?:

This video is a few years old, so I'm imaging that this kid is now old enough to do the tour without a parental waiver.

DRUMS: If Lloyd gets the Gauchos bassist, he could do far worse than to get Sara here. Any drummer who can rock out "YYZ" should be more than technical enough-- I'm sure she could absolutely crush any sesh dude that Richard could find.

VOCALS: Good thing he didn't state an age range, or it would have invalidated the natural choice of vocalist for this supergroup: Saruman himself, Christopher Lee, whose recent half-metal/half-History-Channel-re-enactment album Charlemagne needs to be heard to be believed:

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