CLICK TRACKS: In which Wayne Coyne is a blob, Mystikal is offended, and the Killers are dead (for now)

Amy Winehouse fined for assault

Amy Winehouse managed to keep her bedraggled self out of the tabloids for an admirable run, but sooner or later water finds its level. Britain's favorite crack-addled songbird has stepped in it again, pleading guilty Wednesday to the assault of a theater manager this past December. Winehouse apparently became enraged when the victim attempted to cut her off at the theater's bar. You know how ole Amy gets without her coke [and rum].  


Wayne Coyne in a bathtub

We've all come to rely on Google Street View as a handy tool for navigating unfamiliar neighborhoods. When employed to catch a glimpse of one of rock's most eccentric characters bathing alfresco? Upgrade. Spotted: Wayne Coyne sprawled out in a bathub in his front yard beneath a handmade sign that reads, helpfully, "Blob in the Bath."

Snooki does theweather

In duurrrty Jersey news, Jersey Shore's Snooki told US Magazine that plans are in the works for her very own reality dating show, ingeniously titled Snookin' for Love. (And thank GAWD, because the season finale of the J.S. is already upon us, people.) But just for the sake of accuracy, might we suggest a new title? Like maybe "Snookin' for STDs" or perhaps "Snookin' for a Baby Daddy."

Ludacris prepares to collaborate

In what is likely the most hard-core collabo to date, Ludacris drops a beat on Canadian wunderkind Justin Bieber's new single, "Baby" (released this last Monday.) One dude's got hos in different area codes and one's mom still packs HoHos in his lunch box. Bet you can't guess who's who.

Vampire Weekend

Despite some serious hating in certain circles (but they wear sweater vests and topsiders! They have Ivy League degrees, man, that's so establishment!), Vampire Weekend's sophomore album, Contra, hit #1 on the Billboard Album Charts this past week -- a not bad for an indie outfit. Then again, considering they're just barely beating out Susan Boyle and sharing the same Top 10 list with the Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel soundtrack, the victory seems just a tad hollow.

Mystikal interviewed on Q93 FM 

Alert the Neighborhood Watch: New Orleans rapper Mystikal -- who, at the height of his fame, invited women to "shake ya ass" -- is now a registered sex offender. The rapper was just released from prison, having completed a six-year term for the sexual assault of his former hair stylist, plus extortion and tax fraud. He's ready to get back in the game, however, assuring New Orleans radio DJ Wild Wayne that he's got plenty of new material and wants "reparations." For ... being caught and brought to justice?

The Killers

The Killers have just announced that they'll be going on an indefinitely long hiatus, citing burnout. Sure, you've got four successful studio albums under your western-style belts, but come on. Cher's been at it for approximately 112 years and showing no signs of stopping. Or aging. OK, so she's a creepy phenom who will outlive us all, and will do it rocking a spandex bodysuit with head-to-toe fringe ... Wait, where were we going with this? Ah, never mind.

Uffie, "Pop theGlock"

Spin has been producing a weekly series called "Hopp on Pop," featuring Blink 182's Mark Hoppus's "favorite up-and-coming acts, culled from his incessant pursuit of all that rocks." Which is fine and all. Last week, however, Hopp chose Uffie, the Parisian electro-rap waif best known for her debut single, "Pop the Glock." There were a few things about this selection that particularly stuck in our craw: that the video is essentially a 3-minute American Apparel ad, that Uffie's vocoded voice is the aural equivalent of chewing on tinfoil. (Also, as countless firearm enthusiasts on the web have been quick to point out, the gunshots heard throughout the track could not have actually come from a Glock.) But perhaps most irritating of all is the fact that this Ed Bangin' bubblecrunk track has been plaguing us since 2006, while tastemaker Mark here just stumbled across Uffie for the first time "a couple weeks ago" and couldn't wait to tell us all about it. Your move, Hoppus.

Mental Floss does it again

As we're all too painfully aware, there's no shortage of funnny/inane/awesome!/shameful things one can find on the internet to distract themselves during work/school/bad sex/you name it. And our new favorite pointless time-suck of the moment (aside from, of course) is the "Lifetime Movie or Megadeth Song?" quiz, brought to you by Mental Floss. Child's play, you scoff? "Skull Beneath My Skin" is obviously a movie about a former prom queen who was tragically disfigured in an accident on Valentine's Day ... or is it?

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