Grabauskas's new gig

Word came earlier today that former T head Dan Grabauskas has a new gig at MassINC, the nonpartisan organization that publishes CommonWealth magazine.

Given Grabuaskas's resume, it's no wonder that MassINC made him its first-ever senior fellow for public policy. But what about that whole "nonpartisan" thing? After all, not too long ago, Grabauskas was engaged in a very public battle with the Patrick Administration and its then-transportation secretary, Jim Aloisi, whose spat with Grabauskas may have helped cost him his job. So it really reasonable to expect Grabauskas to go from political combatant to detached observer?

He thinks so, at least to a degree. "Part of what I'll be doing here is research and analysis," Grabuaskas tells DQM. "I consider that to be nonpartisan, and in keeping with the best high standards of evidence-based research that MassINC is involved with."

That said, Grabauskas hints that he'll be providing opinion-based commentary down the road. "We've talked about opportunities to blog, and that would reflect my own perspective and opinion on things, separate from the CommonWealth magazine side and more on the MassINC side," he adds. "MassINC brings in a diversity of opinions, whether it's in the forums that it organizes or in its blogs--and CommonWealth's 'Perspective' section brings in different viewpoints also."

Grabauskas says he's been encouraged to cast a wide analytical net, and to weigh in on sundry issues from his 20 years in politics. But I gotta say, I'm really looking forward to the first time he writes about the Patrick Administration's transportation policy.

Here's the press release:


Daniel Grabauskas to join MassINC as Senior Fellow for Public Policy

Fellowship is first-ever at non-partisan think tank.

------BOSTON. MassINC announced today that it has named Daniel Grabauskas as the inaugural Senior Fellow for Public Policy.  Grabauskas brings two decades of public sector management experience spanning five administrations to this transitional appointment at the Boston-based, non-partisan, think tank. Grabauskas, most recently known for his work as the General Manager of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, will provide research and commentary on government reform, public management, and strategies to restore public confidence in the delivery of public services. 

“I’ve know Dan Grabauskas for twenty years and have followed his work throughout a number of varying roles and administrations,” said Greg Torres, President of MassINC and Publisher of CommonWealth magazine.   “I continue to be impressed by his grasp of policy, his skill as a public manager and his commitment to the issues.  Given his depth of experience and personal attributes, Dan can make a substantial contribution to MassINC’s work on jobs and economic security, strong communities and government accountability.” 

Grabauskas is looking to make a particular impact in the area of government accountability, which includes fiscal reform, transparency, and tax and economic development strategies.  As senior fellow, Grabauskas will contribute to MassINC’s research and event programs and will be a contributor to both CommonWealth magazine, print and on-line, and MassINC’s new, interactive web site, which will be launched in January. 

“This transitional appointment allows me to make a difference in areas I care deeply about and have worked on for many years,” said Grabauskas.  “My experience as a public sector manager, in the range of organizations I have led, has given me unique perspective on the dynamics that affect the delivery of public services – from demand and capacity, to the integrity of the process, to public consent and political will.  I am excited to impart this perspective through an organization like MassINC that is impartial, evidence-based and focused on making Massachusetts a great place to live, work, and compete in the global marketplace.”

 Grabauskas’ most recent appointment was at the MBTA where he served as General Manager for the 5th largest public transportation network in the country.  Prior to that, he served as Secretary of Transportation from 2003 to 2005 until he was appointed GM.   He began his public sector career as a campaign operative for a number of republican legislators, including state Senator Mary Padula, Richard Tisei and Brian Lees.  He, himself, ran for State Treasurer in the fall of 2002. 

Grabauskas later held a number of executive positions with the administrations of Governors William Weld, Paul Cellucci, Jane Swift, Mitt Romney and, latest, Deval Patrick.  These leadership positions include: Deputy Secretary at the Executive Office of Communities and Development; Chief of Staff at both the Executive Office of Health and Human Services and then the Department of Economic Development; and Director of the Office of Consumer Affairs.  Grabauskas also served as Registrar, at the Registry of Motor Vehicles from 1999 to 2002. 

About MassINC: The Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth (MassINC) MassINC (The Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth) is a nonpartisan, evidence-based organization. Its mission is to develop a public agenda for Massachusetts that promotes the growth and vitality of the middle class. Its governing philosophy is rooted in the ideals embodied in the American Dream: equality of opportunity, personal responsibility, and a strong commonwealth.


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