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Daisuke Matsuzaka

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Feel the beat

Odaiko New England turns 15, wails on huge drums
A single set of precise, thundering beats fills the modest rehearsal space of Woburn's American Chinese Art Society. The sound rattles the flooring and shakes my guts. It emanates from a petite woman holding two thick wooden sticks and walloping a pair of hip-high, double-headed wooden drums.
By ANNE VICKMAN  |  May 28, 2009

Post-steroid baseball

Nine questions that will shape the new season
The bunting is hung. The chalk lines are laid out with Euclidian precision.
By MIKE MILIARD  |  April 02, 2009

Carter’s cajones

Jimmy makes Dubya look like a wimp
The Republican Party is rife with classic wimps and bullies.
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  October 27, 2008

Revenge of the toad

Sports blotter: "Irabu!" edition
Some sports-crime stories aren’t funny in any way — they’re just plain violent and tragic. But every now and then you get a story that’s just pure fun.
By MATT TAIBBI  |  August 27, 2008

Bought and paid for

Balls and pucks
Boston haters will say that the Celtics purchased their 17th championship.
By RICK WORMWOOD  |  June 18, 2008

The void recedes

Balls and pucks
So I say, to hell with the opener. Catching up with the Sox when they finally get to Oakland is fine.
By RICK WORMWOOD  |  March 26, 2008

Ticket shock

Fans are paying the price for the Sox success: inside the Fenway fiasco
When NESN periodically broadcasts a historic Red Sox game during the off-season, the vast swaths of empty seats are enough to cause a sharp sense of wistfulness for many fans.
By IAN DONNIS  |  March 10, 2008


Impeccable — not adventurous — sushi
Now that we Bostonians have O Ya and the South End’s Oishii, Haru is not a New York–upscale sushi place to us.
By ROBERT NADEAU  |  December 26, 2007

2007 restaurant awards

The best of this year's dining
What were the best dining-out experiences of 2007?
By ROBERT NADEAU  |  December 19, 2007

Not-so-instant karma

After decades of curses and calamities, Boston’s sports fortunes are at an unprecedented high. So can we stop the whining?
No matter what happens over their next two games, the Patriots will not have gone undefeated in 2007.
By ADAM REILLY  |  December 19, 2007

Dreams of field

Our unlicensed psychiatrist answers disturbing questions about the joy of Sox
Do you see Dustin Pedroia in your sleep, riding a tiny blue bicycle?
By JAMES PARKER  |  October 31, 2007

Recent items from Not for Nothing

Best of the blog
You didn’t have to be a genius to realize that the publication of Steve Laffey’s new book would mark his formal reemergence on Rhode Island’s political stage.
By IAN DONNIS  |  September 12, 2007

The Most Hated Man in Boston

What is it about The Globe ’s Dan Shaughnessy that makes ordinary, peaceable people want to kick his ass?
To understand the tortured tango that binds Dan Shaughnessy and his detractors, consider his item about Red Sox ace Curt Schilling’s blog, 38 Pitches.
By ADAM REILLY  |  July 10, 2007

America Blows

Since George W. Bush took office, the United States has sunk to unprecedented lows in sports and pop-culture domination
The United States of America is a nation with a proud history.
By MIKE MILIARD  |  June 29, 2007

Hitachino Nest Japanese ales

... (Delicious)
That’s just the kind of pitcher I want on my team.
By MIKE MILIARD  |  June 27, 2007

Jailhouse rock

Buddy Cianci is out of prison and on a mission
Even in New Jersey’s Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution Buddy Cianci played his customary role.
By MIKE MILIARD  |  June 13, 2007

Dice-k Dictionary

Translating the sudden explosion of Japanese signs in the Fenway
The Red Sox’ signing of Daisuke Matsuzaka bolster Boston’s starting rotation and spawned a burgeoning industry in Japanese signage around Fenway Park.
By MIKE MILIARD  |  May 16, 2007

Sporting verse

The return of Sox-Yanks haiku
With the Yankees in town for their first Fenway visit on Friday night, it’s that time of year again: time for mangling the chilly elegance of Japanese lyric verse into clumsy sports jeers.
By MIKE MILIARD  |  April 18, 2007

Editorial stuttering

Dice-K watch
Headline writers of Boston, let’s make this easy.
By ADAM REILLY  |  April 11, 2007

Turning Japanese

Boston markets itself to Far Eastern fans
On what will probably be a chilly day a little more than two months from now, Red Sox fans will be waiting for Daisuke Matsuzaka to bring the heat.
By MIKE MILIARD  |  January 31, 2007

The dailies’ Dice-K duel

Rising Son
Opening Day is still about four months away, but the local-newspaper battle to cover Daisuke Matsuzaka for a Japanese audience has commenced in earnest.
By ADAM REILLY  |  January 03, 2007

Seven for seven

What’s news in the New Year? Plan on these stories dominating Boston’s media landscape.
While coverage of the Red Sox is always excessive (except for the sweet deals they get from the politicians, but whatever), the arrival of Daisuke Matsuzaka will make things even worse than usual.
By ADAM REILLY  |  December 29, 2006

Rhode Island in ’06: same as it ever was

Democrats on top, a casino quest, and a dose of corruption
Imagine a year when the Narragansett Indians were energetically pitching a casino, cynical Rhode Islanders had plenty of reason to reinforce their jaundiced views, and state house Democrats maintained the upper hand over hapless Republican opponents without even breaking a sweat.
By IAN DONNIS  |  December 20, 2006

Thanksgiving thoughts on a few of those with reasons to be thankful

With so much deprivation in the world, there’s something perverse about the Red Sox paying more than $51 million just for the right to negotiate with 26-year-old Japanese pitching standout Daisuke Matsuzaka.
By IAN DONNIS  |  November 21, 2006

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