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Review: Predators

Can't get the Governator? Cast a real actor!
By BRETT MICHEL  |  August 17, 2010
3.0 3.0 Stars


Eight archetypical soldiers and killers awaken, disoriented, falling through the sky, slow-opening parachutes strapped to their backs. Adrien Brody's unnamed mercenary is the first to land, with a thud. (There was a ninth, but he hit the deck with more of a splorch, poor fellow.)

Yes, Oscar winner Brody, newly buff(ish), headlines this genuine (as opposed to Alien vs. Predator) sequel to 1987's Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle Predator. Can't get the Governator? Cast a real actor!

In fact, talented director Nimród Antal has populated his superior B-movie with A-level talent, from Alice Braga to Topher Grace (!), the way he did with his little-seen heist thriller, Armored. (Wait for a gonzo cameo from one of that film's stars.) Finding themselves on an alien world/game preserve, the hunters are now the hunted. And though the dreadlocked, vagina-dentata-mouthed Predators have little new to say, the Hemingway-quoting Brody certainly does.

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