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The Big Hurt: Rock in a hard place

The economy makes music its bitch
Fear not, broke American: the music industry feels your pain.
By DAVID THORPE  |  May 18, 2009

Guitar Hero: Metallica

A triumphant return to form
At long last, it seems that Guitar Hero has reached a state of equilibrium.
By MITCH KRPATA  |  April 15, 2009

Live free or die!

Wild Light will be in New Hampshire if you need them
If I asked you to name six bands from New Hampshire, you'd probably draw a blank. Understandable.
By RYAN STEWART  |  February 18, 2009

Crossword: ''Signal ahead''

Aw, the light just changed.
Aw, the light just changed.
By MATT JONES  |  January 21, 2009

Rare Frequencies: Callithumpian Consort, Thurston Moore and Bill Nace

Louder than bombs
Although composer JOHN CAGE is best known for 4'33" of silence, he could raise a ruckus when the mood struck.
By SUSANNA BOLLE  |  January 20, 2009

30 lists

Looking forward and looking back, list-style
30 things mentioned in the first issue of the Newpaper, 30 things that we miss, 30 things that weren't around 30 years ago, and more.  
By PROVIDENCE PHOENIX STAFF  |  October 23, 2008

The Big Hurt: The week in digital mishaps

Internets threaten Kid Rock, Steven Tyler, and sexy bits
Say what you will about Kid Rock, but I will not allow you to deny that the man is a fucking artiste .  
By DAVID THORPE  |  October 15, 2008

Crossword: ''You're out!''

Dropped from the world of sports and games in 2008.
Dropped from the world of sports and games in 2008.
By MATT JONES  |  October 15, 2008

Nine-step program

The best pedals ever to happen to rock music
The history of rock, as a technical story, is a mix of skilled craftsmen and total doofuses sticking their fingers in wall sockets over and over.
By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  September 08, 2008

The Major Labels

Aquavia | Self-released
You can play Spot the Beatles throughout this one.
By ZETH LUNDY  |  August 04, 2008

Dream on

Aerosmith can’t make Guitar Hero sing again
It is somehow fitting that the Guitar Hero series should follow the trajectory of the countless rock bands who achieve too much success too soon.
By MITCH KRPATA  |  July 28, 2008

A night in Guantánamo

Staying in a replica cell, with no waterboarding included
I’d volunteered to spend the night in the replica cell (which is modeled on the ones at Gitmo) because we’ve all heard stories about unlivable conditions at Gitmo but can’t come close to imagining what it must be like.
By JEFF INGLIS  |  June 18, 2008


Interview: Stefan Sagmeister goes the limit
Design geeks bow before the 45-year-old Austrian-born, New York–based designer’s witty topographical experiments and bad-ass stunts.
By GREG COOK  |  June 02, 2008

Indie gets the blues

The Gossip, the Black Keys, and the Kills
White rockers generally come by the blues one of two ways.
By MATT ASHARE  |  April 23, 2008

In the Name of Love: Africa Celebrates U2

Shout! Factory
His good intentions and best efforts notwithstanding, economists are divided as to how effective Bono’s campaigning on behalf of Africa’s poor, diseased, and disenfranchised has been.
By JEFF TAMARKIN  |  March 25, 2008

Bred in the bone

Joe Perry’s kids get their rocks off in TAB the Band
Sometimes the apples don’t fall far from the tree.
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  March 18, 2008

Lord of the thighs

Aerosmith should throw in the towel
This article originally appeared in the March 15, 1983 issue of the Boston Phoenix.
By DOUG SIMMONS  |  March 11, 2008

Boston music news: February 29, 2008

Notes on Joe Perry and his sons.
The family who play together stay together.
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  February 27, 2008

The Big Hurt: ‘Dream on no longer’

God sends Aerosmith to Activision
I’m going to assume that pondering the social impact of games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero is pretty well-trodden critical territory by now.
By DAVID THORPE  |  February 26, 2008

Boston music news: February 1, 2008

Notes on the Cello Chix
The Cello Chix celebrate the release of Under the Covers at Lizard Lounge on February 8.
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  January 28, 2008

A winning combination

Hot Stove, Cool Music at the Paradise Rock Club, January 5-6
Fans of the Sox and of local rock once had at least one thing in common: a big inferiority complex.
By MATT ASHARE  |  January 08, 2008

Tap into Berklee

Christopher Guest at Berklee Performance Center, November 30, 2007
“This,” said Christopher Guest from the Berklee Performance Center stage, “is really difficult to believe. Until an hour ago, I thought it was a practical joke.”
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 04, 2007

Day by Day by Day

A column ends
Two years ago, the Phoenix asked me to write a weekly column about Boston’s growing electronic music and DJ scene.
By DAVID DAY  |  September 18, 2007

Walk this way

Aerosmith, Tweeter Center, September 14, 2007
The fans — even the post-ironic ones — found it hard to walk away.
By STEVEN BEEBER  |  September 18, 2007

Cooking with Joe

Aerosmith’s lead guitarist has grill, will travel
Some rock stars travel with personal chefs. Joe Perry brings a grill — a Weber.
By MATT ASHARE  |  September 04, 2007

Living large

Boston’s Hard Rock expands its reach
The Hard Rock was donating all bar proceeds to the Boston anti-violence charity Peace Games.
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  August 13, 2007

Sound Session 07’s musical melting pot

Giant steps
King and his crew’s “genre-defying” tag is real, and at no time is it more real than in the coming week.
By BOB GULLA  |  July 10, 2007

Going on sale: July 13, 2007

Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
Michael Franti, Interpol, Aerosmith, Smashing Pumpkins, and more.
By GOING ON SALE  |  July 09, 2007

Dead, or immortal?

Nas’s album title challenges a generation
When Chuck D challenges the status quo, a bunch of fortysomethings nod their heads, but Nas can put the young rappers on the defensive.
By MATTHEW GASTEIER  |  January 24, 2007

Tango talk

Bernardo Monk steps out
Argentine tango has a strong tradition. Which is both good and bad news for Bernardo Monk.
By JON GARELICK  |  January 23, 2007

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