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Fallopian follies

By KARA BASKIN  |  September 10, 2008

Then Palin blasted Barack Obama for criticizing her experience. But why should anyone withhold judgment on someone so, well, judgmental? This is a woman who, when running for Alaska governor, advocated abstinence-only education in schools and denounced same-sex marriage and rights for same-sex couples. When Palin was mayor of Wasilla — a frosty little hamlet of approximately 7000 — she reportedly asked the local library how she could go about banning books, because some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them. Palin threatened to fire the librarian, Mary Ellen Baker, for noncompliance. And she spent her entire nomination speech tearing down Obama, then using her family as a shield — if you critique her, you’re anti-feminist. If you criticize Bristol, you don’t like babies. If you bring up Trig, you’re a member of the left-wing media who eats little children for dinner. But if you criticize Obama, you’re a maverick.

Mind you, Palin’s hardly alone in using fertility to further her career. Take Rielle Hunter, a wealthy woman who’s accustomed to getting whom — and what — she wants. She’s reportedly been banking a cool $15,000 per month just to keep quiet about her dalliances with John Edwards and her baby’s DNA. (Her child’s yet too young to grow a glossy mane of hair, but we’ll know the truth when she does.) Just look north to Gloucester, where a prom-limo-load of teenage girls found themselves with child this year, in a supposed social pact — kind of like a nine-month-long sorority-hazing ritual with a hangover that lasts approximately 18 years. No matter, movie and book deals are supposedly in the works. Look at Britney Spears’s sis, who’s appeared on more magazine covers now than she ever did while “acting.” While Hallmark isn’t exactly printing cards reading “Congratulations and best wishes on your bastard child!”, it’s not the moralistic massacre of yesteryear. With the entire UN dripping from Angelina Jolie’s pert bosom and “sperminated” the adjective du jour, young, unwed motherhood is downright retro-chic.

And Palin, who’s about as retro as it gets, is right there capitalizing on the trend. Too bad her values will undermine her plan. Because the American people aren’t looking for a leader who’s infallible. We’re looking for a leader who’s ideologically honest. You think that abstinence should be exclusively promoted in schools, that pre-marital sex is wrong, that abortion is atrocious? Fine. Then make sure Willow, Piper, Trig, Track, Bristol, and the rest of the Wiccan moose-riding team keep their pants on too. I wish the glass ceiling could be broken with a pro-woman woman. But in the meantime, people with glass ovaries shouldn’t throw stones.

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Re: Fallopian follies
You forgot the main reason to think her childbearing elevated her career.  Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle has a better resume. She did better at better schools, she was Mayor of Maui, she has great popularity in her second term as Hawaii Governor with fewer scandals, she has better reform credentials, and she is a better speaker who sounds less like a goose in pain.  So why would anyone choose Palin over Lingle? Well, Palin is prettier, but I certainly wouldn't want to be first to suggest McCain is after her booty.  In addition, Lingle's twice divorced and has no children, instead of tied to her high school boyfriend (who has a surprisingly large role in the running of the state).   Apparently the GOP will only take a woman who is a Mother figure.
By hoopdehoop on 09/11/2008 at 11:24:14
Re: Fallopian follies
"Fallopian/infallible"--nice wordplay. Nice take overall on the situation. You're keeping your head up in a way that guys can't. There must be something to Palin, if she's winning over even liberal women for the time being. It's easy to say that anyone who supports her is a dummy, but she's getting too much support for that. I think in the end she's an instrument in a primal brainwashing project to make Obama untrustworthy. I know there are women who can see beyond that, but it's nice to see there are women who can see in other women their power to come back to reality and see that Obama is not a seducer of women, but a liberator.
By gordon marshall on 09/15/2008 at 9:29:58
Re: Fallopian follies
Guys are of two minds about Obama getting in. If he doesn't, that gives them an excuse to fight, to bring back The Weatherman and The Black Panthers and overthrow the government. That would be a lot more fun that listening to a professorial black man telling us how to behave and contribute to making the world a better place.
By gordon marshall on 09/16/2008 at 12:16:12

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