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Amy Chua

This event occurs in the past, Feb 22 2011
1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA   (view map)

“Tiger Mom” Amy Chua has been torn apart on all the soccer-mom-baiting morning shows for The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, her book on Chinese-style parenting. She’s gotten flack for not letting her kids have sleepovers, play sports, or settle for less than an A — but on the other hand, our parents did borderline terrible things to us, too, and we turned out all right. Right? But seriously, we’ve begun to empathize with Chua, whose book does recognize the mistakes she made in being so strict. Even her daughters have come to her defense. (Besides which, “Hot Sauce Mom” Jessica Beagley — who punishes her seven-year-old with a combo of hot-pepper condiments and cold showers — has come along and really stolen Chua’s thunder.) So after you finish your six hours of piano practice, head to the Harvard Book Store.

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother discussion

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