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Humanoids + Uncomfortables

This event occurs in the past, Feb 21 2011
10 Eliot St, Cambridge, MA   (view map)

Filed under: rock, san antonio, punk, punk rock, i-fi, drip pop

The Humanoids' music draws from Judas Priest, MC5, Manowar, and Black Sabbath (more Dio than Ozzy), along with heavy doses of Viking, Celtic, and Hell's Angels legends and, of course, that good old-fashioned New England darkness. The result? "Honestly, I've always just considered us a rock band . . . with metal tendencies," says guitarist Johnny Machine. But the power and glory in his Halford/Tyner–influenced vocals is truly something to hear; it could make mincemeat out of James Hetfield while forcing King Diamond to sit up and take notice.

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There's a place in our rock and roll hearts for any band that chooses '70's Kiss, '80s Ratt, and '90s Hellacopters as the colors of...

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