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Great open road speed

Plus, another college rape case
Forget peanut butter and banana, Laurel and Hardy, Tango and Cash: almost nothing goes together quite like vehicular violence and football.
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  April 19, 2006


Pre-NFL Draft arrest watch

Updating the big board
Get ready, Phoenix readers, for the dad-gum funnest week of the sports-crime year!
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  April 12, 2006


Long way home to Foxboro

Belichick brings in a DUI legend
You gotta love Bill Belichick.
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  April 05, 2006


Comma self

This week's sports blotter
The “comma self” murder has for decades been one of the most important innovations in American-headline literature, a testament to both our national fascination with verbal brevity and to our sociopathic, codependent relationship to deadly violence: FLA. MAN KILLS WIFE, DOG, MOTHER, ACCOUNTANT, SELF.
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  March 29, 2006


Big play played

Plus, the latest on the sad tale of Dwight Gooden
Here’s a weird one, Boston sports fans.
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  March 23, 2006

The Boston Phoenix J.R. rider bail-hearing incident of the week!

Plus, deadbeat-daddy jocks and Master P's firearms
Folks in my line of work — cataloguing weekly the crimes of professional athletes — have a built-in rainy-day strategy.
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  March 16, 2006


She heard something pop

Plus, the troubles of the Delaware Blue Hens
The world of sports journalism has for decades been one giant Willie Wonka chocolate factory for the tired cliché. And while sportswriters themselves are generally just literate enough to keep from confusing their products, the general public may be excused if it permits some cross-pollination.
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  March 08, 2006


Smelling like a Rose

Plus the best quote from a lawyer you will ever hear
The bad-seed stories just keep rolling in.
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  March 01, 2006


The daughter also sets, too

More apples falling near trees
Plus college hoop trouble, and a guy you should never call "Joey."
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  February 22, 2006


Super Blot

Sports crime does the Super Bowl
With all due respect to Isaiah (J.R.) Rider — the NBA’s all-time arrest leader who solidified his first-ballot Sports Crime Hall of Fame status last week with a decisive post-retirement kidnapping bust — there really is no news in sports this week that doesn’t involve the Super Bowl.
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  February 02, 2006


The body electric

Why tasers and athletes don't mix
Oliver McCall’s career as a sports criminal is almost without peer or parallel; he makes Lawrence Taylor seem like Ann Romney.
By: MATT TAIBBI  |  January 26, 2006
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