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Photos: Anime Boston 2010

Photos from the Northeast's largest anime confab
Photos from Anime Boston 2010 at the Hynes Convention Center
By: MADDY MYERS  |  April 05, 2010


Variety shows

Trailer parks, baseball curses, mad scientists, and Darwin
There's plenty more than we can fit in, but here's a sampling of the broad range covered on Boston stages this spring, from new works to Shakespeare and Mel Brooks.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  March 12, 2010


Missed connections

Private Fears in Public Places at Zeitgeist, Neighborhood 3 at Apollinaire
Private Fears in Public Places — Alan Ayckbourn's London-set tragicomedy from 2004 — is all about how difficult it is to know another person.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  February 23, 2010


Review: The Wolfman

Splashes of gore and sulky introspection
Joe Johnston sets his remake of the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr. classic The Wolf Man in Victorian England, a fitting backdrop for a Jekyll and Hyde –esque tale of men battling beasts within.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  February 17, 2010


Improv Asylum presents Scott Brown: The Musical

Tax Relief? Good Grief!
Should US Senator Scott Brown ever find any downtime between crucial votes on the future of this nation and hand-modeling gigs, he may want to flex his melodrama muscles.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  February 12, 2010


Review: Mass Effect 2

The good Shepard returns
Mass Effect 2 gives us the game we craved the first time around — the laborious load screens remain, but the bits in between are a breath of fresh air.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  February 10, 2010


Looking back, going forward

A diverse display for 2010
Economic recession and post-racial themes abound in Boston’s early 2010 theater repertoire.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  January 13, 2010


Sexiest video-game studs of 2009

The cream of the crop
Video-game characters get more realistic all the time - and by more realistic, we mean sexier. This year offered a plethora of digital delights and graphical innovations, and although developers don't cater to their straight female and gay male audience nearly as much as they could, we still had no shortage of contenders for this list.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  December 18, 2009


Review: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Like you'll even be able to hear anything over all the shrieking
Chris Weitz comes on board to direct Twilight ’s hotly awaited sequel, New Moon , but the second bite doesn’t sate quite like the first. Bella (Kristen Stewart) celebrates her 18th birthday with vampire boyfriend Edward (Robert Pattinson); when she gets a paper cut at the party.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  November 23, 2009


Photos: New England Fan Experience 2009

At the Courtyard Marriott in Downtown Boston
Photos of fans and more at the New England Fan Experience 2009
By: MADDY MYERS  |  November 16, 2009


Review: DJ Hero

Hit the decks in DJ Hero
Shortly after DJ Hero ’s release, a couple of craiglist ads popped up from gamers claiming they’ll plug in and play the game at your party for $75 — all you have to provide is the TV and the speakers.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  November 12, 2009


Photos: Comic Con 2009 at Back Bay Events Center

Comic Con descended upon Back Bay on October 24, 2009
Photos from the Boston comic book convention
By: MADDY MYERS  |  October 26, 2009


Review: A Boy and His Blob

Childhood memories, improved
A Boy and his Blob got its start as a 1989 Nintendo game designed by David Crane, who also designed Pitfall! . This 2009 remake features Miyazaki-inspired art and cel-shaded animation, giving the maps a storybook quality. Unfortunately, the story itself still leaves much to be desired; no further complexity has been layered onto the 1989 game’s backstory.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  October 27, 2009


Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel's "Secret War" comes to consoles
Comic-book games are all about wish-fulfillment: What comic book fan hasn't dreamed of laying the telekinetic smack down Dark Phoenix-style, or flinging a few of Gambit's explosive cards?
By: MADDY MYERS  |  September 30, 2009


Review: Darkest of Days

Time travel's last stand?
In Darkest of Days you play as Alexander Morris, a soldier fresh from Little Big Horn. Right after you get nailed with some feather-tipped arrows, KronoteK rushes in to “save” you. There's a catch, though: you then go to work for KronoteK. 
By: MADDY MYERS  |  September 22, 2009


Photos: King Richard's Faire 2009

King Richard's Faire in Carver
Photos from King Richard's Faire 2009
By: MADDY MYERS  |  September 08, 2009


Review: Gamer

It's a bit tough to swallow
This film from Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor features two fictional games: Society and Slayers , and both involve the mind control of volunteers by gamers who pay to play.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  September 09, 2009


Familiar Fantasy IV

The After Years: If it ain't broke, remake it
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years started as a Japan-only cellphone game and has washed up on American shores in the form of WiiWare.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  June 16, 2009


Steam-powered playground

Damnation's peaks and valleys
Damnation is one of the first major shooters created in the steampunk genre. This means the story is set about a century and a half ago in an alternate timeline in which steam power becomes the reigning technology instead of electricity.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  June 05, 2009


Review: Zeno Clash

A strange and beautiful trip
Zeno Clash is too bizarre, artsy, and risky to get picked up by a bigger company, but when you look at all the Counter-Strike clones out there, it's a relief to see something a little . . . different.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  May 19, 2009


Review: Dragonball Evolution

An accidental comedy
Only traces of the original plot remain: evil alien Piccolo (James Marsters) still fights to collect all seven dragonballs to summon a dragon that will grant one wish.
By: MADDY MYERS  |  April 15, 2009

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