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Olneyville New York System

Their T-shirt slogan is "Hangover Helper" and, indeed, as you're wolfing three or four "all the way," the medicinal power of the chopped-up doggies with the mustard, meat sauce, onions, and celery salt combo becomes obvious. They'll cure whatever ails ya. For some reason they taste better after dark (sign behind the counter: "No One's Ugly After 2 am"), but we've dashed in many an afternoon for our fix. Why? Once you get the Olney-ville taste in your head, you just can't get it out. Don't forget the coffee milk. And grab some napkins!

20 Plainfield St, Providence | 401.621.9500 + 1012 Reservoir Ave, Cranston | 401.275.6031 + 1744 Mineral Spring Ave, North Providence | 401.383.4155 | olneyvillenewyorksystem.com

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