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Best New Clam Shack

The Seafood Shack

North Providence residents and seafoodies beyond have been frequenting Anthony Arlia's Seafood Shack, the cozy blue box on Charles Street which has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best new clam shacks in the state, with a kitchen run by friendly elder statesmen who look like they've shucked a few quahogs and cranked out a few clambakes in their day. A small order of clam cakes ($4.25) can net close to 10 golden nuggets, and both variations of their chowder are a big hit, with generous amounts of sliced clam (not the minced, molar-wedging tidbits). Go for the Whole Belly Fried Clam Dinner ($9/$13) or combo platter ($12); the $6 foot-long fish sandwich is a lunchtime winner too. There are a few tables for no-frills dining-in and a steady Friday night take-out business (open year-round), so call ahead.

1007 Charles St, North Providence | 401.723.8888

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