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Best Intro To Wicked Good Chowda


Here’s a scenario: your out-of-town guests have heard you yammer about Del’s Frozen Lemonade before, but they are visiting in the dead of winter. So how can you prove to them that it’s superior to the dreadful slush they are so proud of back home? Simple. Take them to JEAT, the little Rhody-food-only emporium in the mall, and give them a little lesson in demotic Vo Dilunese at the same time. Afterward you can treat them to a calzone or a sausage and pepper grinder, clam chowder on the side, and have them wash it down with a Yacht Club soda. Here’s another idea: let’s open up a place called RIHop, where we serve nothing but jonnycakes, both the thin East Bay version and the thick West Bay kind, and with real white flint cornmeal. Wanna invest? | Providence Place | 401.383.2890

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