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Editors' Pick
Best Fish & Chips, Six Ways

Dad’s Place

It’s always a plus to find a place that offers a choice of cod or flounder for fish and chips. But having the additional options of breaded or battered, one piece or two, makes DAD’S PLACE especially endearing to locals. And though the fish and chips is only available on Friday nights (the only dinner night in the winter/spring months), those who frequent the diner-like eatery love the breakfasts and lunches too. There are terrific soups, especially the onion. Benedicts with corned beef hash, ham, or spinach; omelets too fat to finish; giant pancakes and French toast (also may be stuffed with cheesecake and fruit); grilled linguica or pork chops as breakfast meats; chocolate or coffee milk among the beverages (choice or small or large, or course). All this and cheerful, know-all-the-regulars wait-staff. | 148 Boon Street, Narragansett | 401.783.6420
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