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Best Shortcut Gift Solution

Darien Segal

It's cheating, of course, but getting her a nice piece of jewelry never gets old. On your 50th wedding anniversary, it will be a fresh surprise, because there are an infinite and beautiful variety of choices. For example, the imaginative jewelry by DARIEN SEGAL. The RISD-trained Segal combines the eye of an artist with the sensibility of a philosopher-naturalist. On his website, he quotes Seneca saying, "All art is but imitation of nature." Not wanting to imitate, Segal transmutes natural objects into silver and gold. Strolling beaches and woods, he picks up shells, stones, twigs, and pods that catch his eye, then uses the tiny objects to cast him them into mini-starfish earrings, bracelets of baby limpets cupping pearls, and such. "When I look around, I see the incredible symmetry and perfection that exists in nature," he says. Good for us. | 401.270.2222 |

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