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Editors' Pick
Best Place For A Special Sunday

Three Rivers Cafe

Hoagy captured the romantic mood of take-it-easy Sundays with "up a lazy river . . . in the noon day sun." That phrase also aptly describes the view onto the Warren River at THREE RIVERS CAFÉ. It's the kind of place that makes you want to linger, whether you arrive by boat or auto, whether it's Sunday or not, whether it's drizzly or sunny. Friendly folk, homemade meals, local ingredients — what more could you want? Well, maybe a hand-delivered morning Times or a bottomless pot of mint tea. But who can complain, when there's smoked salmon Benedict, corn-and-bean fritters, or chunky cod cakes to munch on? Or you could have lunch instead, with a house-roasted turkey sandwich or a grilled chicken on Bristol Bakery's rosemary garlic bread? And maybe, if you ask just right, someone there will hand you the Times. | 267 Water Street, Warren | 401.289.2067

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