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Editors' Pick
Best Gift for Your Weird Friend

Greg Stones

There are several possible reasons to get an unconventional gift for an unconventional friend. Bonding, one-upmanship, a touching gesture of generosity that they will spend their lives trying to repay. But getting something offbeat that you know they will like is cheating a bit. It would be much braver and thereby complimentary to get a print of one of GREG STONES’s bizarre watercolors and trust that your weird tastes coincide. Penguins come up a lot, as do flying saucers and zombies and snowmen and Bigfoot and taunting female flashers, singly and in assorted combinations. Typical is the one of Bozo the Clown throwing his arms wide in greeting to a column of penguins, the first of whom has either fainted dead away or expired on the spot. PawSox tickets would be a safer bet, but not as much fun.

Greg Stones | PO Box 454, Greenville | 401.949.0959 |

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