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Editors' Pick
Best Bribes for a Pooch

Jack's Snacks

For eons, dog owners have wasted time shouting things like “Get down!,” “Get off!,” and “I need both in order to take you for a walk, and you’re humping one of them, you slavering troll!” Now, thanks to the wonders of operant conditioning and the dog bakery JACK’S SNACKS, you can bridge the gap between wishful thinking and actual canine obedience. They are shaped like little pizzas, fire hydrants, squirrels and, of course, bones, and taste like pizza, peanut butter, and chicken and garlic. There are typically one or two dozen treats in a package, priced $6.95 to $8.25, which you can order online or happen across at a farmers market. There was a real Jack, by the way, a black Lab mix who passed away in 2006, but who lives on in his favorite treats.

Jack's Snacks | PO Box 2036, Pawtucket | 401.724.8704 |

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