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Best Rural Simulation of Urban Life

Sophie's Coffee and Java Buzz

You think you’re soooo sophisticated, you big-city folks with a Starbucks on every other corner? Well, in bucolic ol’ Exeter, there are two coffeehouses right next door to each other. SOPHIE’S COFFEE was the first, setting up shop in 2000. But it closed for a few months in 2006 before opening anew next door, and soon JAVA BUZZ opened its doors, ones oddly familiar to customers, in the former’s former space. Got that? The confusing move had to do with the aftermath of a divorce, with Sophie’s the business and its building being sold separately. The reason for Exeter residents needing enough caffeine to support adjacent coffeehouses is another matter. Best theory? It’s all that quiet in the countryside. They just can’t get enough caffeine to stay awake.

SOPHIE’S COFFEE | 699 South County Trail, Exeter | 401. 667.7467 | JAVA BUZZ | 705 South County Trail, Exeter | 401. 295.JAVA

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