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Best Impress-your-date &quot;Hamburger Helper&quot;

Masala Mix'ins

American make-quick-at-home foods have gone through several ethnic twists: Italian, Mexican, and even Cajun. How impressive would it be to serve your sweetie an authentic Indian entree? Quite. Ruby Wildes, a former English teacher whose parents came from southeastern India, realized that people are intimidated by the many steps and the many spices it takes to create homemade Indian food, and she wanted to simplify all that. Her MASALA MIX’INS are packaged in three degrees of hotness to end up with dishes such as the savory rice dish of biryani, a lentil-based curry, mild nut-based cream sauces, and for the risk-takers among us, vindaloo, chole, and jalfrezi mixes, all quite spicy hot. The eight different packets come with straightforward instructions and a list of ingredients to fill out the entrée. Bon appetit!

Alternative Food Coop, 357 Main St, Wakefield | 401.789.2240 |

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