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Best Best Way To Make Up for Sneezing

You may be allergic to her Persian or his St. Bernard, but you can show you’re a good sport about it by springing for a subscription to The Animal Print , which calls itself “the modern pet culture magazine for RI and Mass.” The recent issue includes practical advice, such as a vet’s “8 Tips for a Better Walk With Your Dog” (such as how to train him to return promptly and to stop barking). And “Heavy Petting in Hong Kong” is an other-worldly account of cafés where people come to stroke a Siamese or hug a husky, in that cramped city where few have room for a pet of their own. For other gift ideas, there are ads for pet boutiques, kennels, groomers, and other services. You can scope out complete issues online. Six issues per year, $15. 401 .456.2653 |

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