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Best Best Barstool Feint

First the Lord created the Cosmopolitan. And it was good. Not to mention ridiculously popular. So then She allowed her emissaries to devise the Choclatini and the espresso martini and all manner of concoctions combining appreciated ingredients whose random provenance is dynamited out of consideration by the time-tested contribution of vodka. Men resisted, men muttered, then resigned themselves, ultimately complied. Nowadays a man considered suave and sophisticated, or manly and self-confident, doesn’t insist his cocktail be shaken, not stirred, or order his Guinness extra chewy. No, he proves his insouciance or hairy-chested bravado by ordering the most girly drink listed, then sternly scans companions or bystanders for any objections. A man’s gotta drink what a man’s gotta drink — the jelly bean martini ($8.50) at the La Forge Casino Restaurantbar . Olives? I don’t need no stinkin’ olives. 186 Bellevue Avenue, Newport | 401.847.0418

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