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Fall Arts Preview: Hit the couch!

Ichabod Crane, Andy Samberg, and Malin Akerman are ready for prime time
Contrary to popular belief, the start of fall doesn’t only mean that all your coffee, beer, pastries and dips are required to be pumpkin spiced. No, just as the weather is changing, so is your TV viewing schedule, for better or worse.
By: JESSE PAPINEAU  |  September 11, 2013


The 10 TV premieres to DVR this fall

Last Resort, The Mindy Project, American Horror Story, and more
With new projects from Andre Braugher, Mindy Kaling, Michael Chiklis, and, uh, Lucy Liu?
By: RYAN STEWART  |  September 19, 2012


HBO's Veep needs more mean

Soft serve
Reality, right now, is so absurd that almost everyone has already adopted a "laugh-to-keep-from-crying" approach to the news. We don't need someone to tell us how truly horrifying our political landscape is. So what's a satirist to do?
By: RYAN STEWART  |  April 23, 2012

The Borgias TV

Review: Showtime’s The Borgias

Blood oaths
The second season of The Borgias (Sunday at 9 pm, Showtime) enters a crowded Sunday night field: HBO's Game of Thrones , AMC's Mad Men , even AMC's much discredited The Killing .
By: JON GARELICK  |  April 09, 2012

MagicCity TV

Not much 'magic' on Starz's new drama

City of blahs
Premium networks play by different rules from the rest of television, but Starz has taken things to a new extreme: they've twice renewed shows before episode one even aired.
By: RYAN STEWART  |  April 05, 2012

GameOfThrones Dinklage

And thus the 'Game of Thrones' continues

Calling Dr. Zaius!
'Twas the thud heard round the world. In the penultimate episode of the first season of HBO's Game of Thrones , our hero Ned Stark (Sean Bean), after a brief, fraught tenure as the King's Hand, discovered the Lannisters' incestuous affair, was falsely declared traitor to the realm, and was beheaded in front of a frothing horde in the town square at King's Landing.
By: EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  April 04, 2012


Mad Men tries to pick up the pieces

Morning after
"Is it my imagination, or is the lobby full of Negroes?"
By: JON GARELICK  |  March 21, 2012

HBO - TV - Luck

Review: Luck

HBO goes to the races
You get the feeling that Milch and Mann just want to show off what they know about horse racing. When one of Marcus's crew keeps screaming out during the big Pick Six race, "What's going on!?," he speaking for the audience.
By: JON GARELICK  |  January 24, 2012


Breaking Bad keeps topping itself

This meth we're in
In this age of Hollywood business dealings breathlessly tweeted within minutes of their consummation, passersby cell phone set photos that reveal major plot points, leaked scripts and leaked episodes, Vince Gilligan has accomplished something rare indeed.
By: RYAN STEWART  |  October 05, 2011


Prohibition drinking game!

Play along with the upcoming Ken Burns documentary
Leave it to Ken Burns and PBS to crash our romantic Boardwalk Empire fantasies with a scholarly five-and-a-half-hour, sepia-tinted tome about the rip-roaring Twenties.
By: CHRIS FARAONE  |  September 28, 2011

Boardwalk Empire TV

Is Boardwalk Empire about to enter its golden age?

Easy livin'
Dispel any remaining doubts. The new season (which begins this Sunday at 9 pm on HBO) unfolds with a new leisurely, cinematic grandeur.
By: JON GARELICK  |  September 21, 2011

HBO tv show Game of  Thrones review

Review: HBO's Game of Thrones

It's a long story
In spite of the obstacles to making Martin's story succeed as a TV show, someone at HBO must be a fan, because Game of Thrones — named after the first book in his series — makes its live-action television debut this Sunday, April 17.  
By: MADDY MYERS  |  April 14, 2011


Review: MTV's ''Skins''

MTV attempts an American do-over
MTV has rated its new Skins TV-MA LDS - which in plain English means teenagers smoking weed, popping pills, fucking each other, and having emotional breakdowns in a scripted show that MTV would like us to think is designed to be viewed by adults.
By: SHARON STEEL  |  January 26, 2011


Review: Bob's Burgers

Medium rare: Can Bob's Burgers make the cut?
Maybe it's too soon to worry about the fate of Bob's Burgers — Fox's new animated comedy series doesn't even premiere till this Sunday (January 9) at 8:30 pm. But consider Lone Star .
By: RYAN STEWART  |  January 04, 2011


Gift Guide 2010: DVD Box Sets

Sureties and obscurities
Some people will tell you that the economy is frozen in a recession that may never thaw. That makes Blu-ray/DVD box sets more valuable than gold.
By: ROB TURBOVSKY  |  December 08, 2010


Review: AMC's The Walking Dead

No guts, no glory
There's quite a lot to like about The Walking Dead . That is, if you can make it past the opening sequence.
By: RYAN STEWART  |  October 28, 2010


Interview: Will Arnett

The actor looks back at Arrested Development and forward to Running Wilde
When it went off the air, in 2006, Arrested Development had already cemented its status as one of the great TV comedies of all time.
By: RYAN STEWART  |  September 14, 2010


Fall TV Preview: No apologies

Too much good TV
Even the most curmudgeonly out there have to admit that television is on a roll.
By: RYAN STEWART  |  September 14, 2010


More spooks

AMC crosses Rubicon
Two years ago, AMC made a deal to develop a series based on Francis Ford Coppola's classic 1974 film The Conversation . That show still hasn't materialized, but with Rubicon , AMC has now brought us a drama with a similar premise.
By: RYAN STEWART  |  July 27, 2010


Laughs love misery

C.K.'s Louie is gleefully pessimistic
Louis C.K.'s comedy is bleak.
By: RYAN STEWART  |  July 09, 2010
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