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Big Bad Don gets clipped; meanwhile, in Spain . . .; musical memories
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  April 30, 2014

It’s always rewarding and almost heartwarming to see an unrepentant bigot get his comeuppance. And we don’t mean the frothing loon and slavery enthusiast Cliven Bundy, the illicit Las Vegas rancher who would do well in the future to keep his eyes skyward, not to praise the Almighty, but to look out for drones.

Phillipe and Jorge are, of course, alluding to the abominable Donald Sterling, owner (for now) of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers. Sterling is an unspeakable California arriviste, replete with trophy mistress. Unfortunately for the octogenarian, he picked a young goomah who knows how to use a tape recorder, and who managed to record his vile racist remarks about his distaste for her posting Instagram photos of herself with black men, and appearing with them at Clippers home games. Sterling’s singling out of Magic Johnson as one of those men couldn’t have been stupider, since Magic will win a popularity contest against about 99 percent of the people on the planet. (Despicable Don told his paramour, “V,” that he didn’t mind if she was hosing black guys on the side; he just didn’t want people to see her with
them in the stands at the Staples Center.)

Thankfully, the other shoe dropped very quickly once Sterling’s remarks became public via TMZ, which is to respectable journalism what McDonald’s is to Al Forno. But Sterling fits right into the faux-celebrity river of slime that TMZ cruises along on.

Following a “shocked, shocked!” outcry from the media that finally got the Malaysian airliner and Korean ferry off the front pages, and a rather tame, but heartfelt protest by Clippers players before their next playoff game (which they lost amidst the race-fueled bedlam), NBA Commissioner Adam Silver landed on Sterling’s head like he had jumped from the 15th floor wearing a pair of hobnailed Doc Martens.

As P&J headed to deadline, the newbie commish, who has been in office a mere three months before encountering the Sterling shitstorm, banned Sterling from the NBA for life and slapped him with a fine of $2.5 million — the maximum allowed by the league’s bylaws. Big Bad Don will also have to sell the Clippers, provided his fellow owners produce the necessary three-quarters majority vote to oust this walking bag of ordure from their ranks.

Unfortunately, there is a chance they might not get that majority if it is a sealed ballot decision. But P&J would never be skeptical of a pack of rich white guys taking a vote involving a race issue, right?

Actually, yes. The owners
have already overlooked past Sterling charges of ousting blacks from a housing development he owned, and attracting a lawsuit partially based on racial discrimination by his former general manager, Elgin Baylor. (Baylor is a former LA Lakers star and NBA Hall of Famer who is regarded as one of the nicer players ever to play the game. He’s not some over-litigious whack job.) So given the fact the owners turned a blind eye to these early advertisements of Sterling’s warped views, the chance they might somehow reduce his punishment is worth Silver demanding every owner’s vote be made public.


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