2010 Best Music Poll Winners


Best Category-Defying Act in Providence

What Cheer? Brigade


Pedal boards and Marshall stacks need not apply, for the sprawling brass and drums acid trip known as What Cheer? Brigade will deafen and delight sans electricity. The Brigade just celebrated their five-year anniversary, and big things are on the horizon since signing with new local imprint Anchor Brain (alongside heavyweights Six Finger Satellite and the Chinese Stars), which reissued WC?B's debut We Blow You Suck earlier this year, and the Brigade have nailed down dates in Italy, Spain, and France. Their self-proclaimed "aggressive mix of Bollywood, the Balkans, New Orleans, samba, and hip-hop, played with the intensity of metal" helps define this category-defying marching band-from-Hell. Do yourself a favor and look up "13 Monsters," a relentless 2.5-minute headbanger from You Suck. Whether it's leading the masses through the annual Sound Session parade downtown, entertaining kids at local elementary schools, or decimating Jerky's Bar alongside B. Dolan on his "Border Crossing," hitch your wagon to the What Cheer? Brigade and revel in the aural madness.

2. A Troop of Echoes
3. Alec K. Redfearn & the Seizures
4. California Smile

The WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE is a Providence's own misfit 19-piece roving brass band. It’s a...

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