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The Projo 's ultra-local approach could save the paper — or spell its demise
There may, in the end, be no way to save the American metropolitan newspaper. Plummeting advertising revenue and competition from the Internet often seem forces too daunting for even the savviest of publishers.
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  August 26, 2009

Talking points

Press Releases
Rich Connor's reforms have brought a much-needed sharpened focus to the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram and its sister papers. Certain changes, though, are raising eyebrows not just for what they are, but because of how Connor is doing them.
By JEFF INGLIS  |  August 26, 2009
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Local news blues

With layoffs, plummeting revenue, and dwindling viewership, TV news departments are getting desperate.
There has been plenty of hand-wringing, in these parts, over the decline of the local broadsheet. The Providence Journal is the paper of record, after all, the agenda setter. And the agenda is decidedly thinner these days.
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  June 24, 2009

By  |  January 01, 0001


Where’s the outrage over media mistreatment at the RNC?
Where’s the outrage over media mistreatment at the RNC?
By ADAM REILLY  |  October 02, 2008

What's going on?

Never mind the information age. When it comes to the war, we’re still in the dark.
Five years into the Iraq War, we can catalogue a person’s every move with Twitter, Facebook, and the like.
By VANESSA CZARNECKI  |  March 12, 2008

Slime time

We already know about politicians’ capacity for coarse behavior. But how low can the press go?
Nasty presidential races are nothing new.
By ADAM REILLY  |  February 20, 2008

The ProJo's brave new world

Will going super-local on the Web strengthen the paper?
The Providence Journal is turning to an unlikely source — high school football — for help.
By IAN DONNIS  |  December 05, 2007

Fake-news vacuum

Why the Writers Guild strike could affect the presidential race
It’s easy to be flip about the deep implications of the Writers Guild of America strike, which is now stretching into its fourth week.
By ADAM REILLY  |  November 28, 2007

When Rupert came to Boston

Revisiting the lessons of Murdoch’s Herald
Just how badly will Rupert Murdoch screw up the Wall Street Journal ?
By ADAM REILLY  |  August 08, 2007

Table manners

In blackjack experience teaches, intuition sustains
My first blackjack experience came as a newly minted college grad.
By MARK JURKOWITZ  |  April 29, 2007

Rebirth of a salesman

The return of Russel Pergament
He’s going too fast.
By ADAM REILLY  |  April 25, 2007

Silent treatment

Solving the press’s credit problem
When next year’s Pulitzer finalists are announced, the Washington Post ’s coverage of dismal conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center will almost certainly make the list. But did the Post actually break the story? The deadliest sin: The Times' blind eye. By Adam Reilly
By ADAM REILLY  |  March 14, 2007

The WRKO shuffle

Sizing up the station’s extreme makeover
No Boston media institution is more unstable these days than WRKO Radio.
By ADAM REILLY  |  January 24, 2007

Flashbacks: October 13, 2006

The Boston Phoenix has been covering the trends and events that shape our times since 1966.
These selections, culled from our back files, were compiled by Dan Peleschuk and Ian Sands.
By FLASHBACKS  |  October 11, 2006

Glossed over

The magazine racks are filled with dying publications — but why is the glossy’s forecast not nearly as gloomy as newsprint’s?
One sign of how the magazine business is doing these days is a three-month-old Web log called “Magazine Death Pool.”
By MARK JURKOWITZ  |  May 17, 2006

Phoenix's Jurkowitz to depart

Destination: Project for Excellence
Media critic Mark Jurkowitz will be leaving the paper on or around July 1 to become the associate director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism headquartered in Washington, DC.
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  May 05, 2006

Muckrakers in the outfield

It’s time for baseball — and all sports — to be covered just like any other multi-billion-dollar business  
Last week was an important moment in the history of American journalism.
By MARK JURKOWITZ  |  April 05, 2006

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